The girls love all things glitter and we love to put glitter and glamour to everything including the Quinceanera decoration. So we are giving you a bunch of ideas to put some glitter to your Quince.

Use glitter paper instead of tablecloths

1. Glitter tables. Instead of fabric tablecloths, buy glittered paper at any crafts supplies store and lined the tables. Keep your tables decoration simple with white dinnerware to make your tablecloths the focal point.

Add sequins and glitter to a fabric for a fantastic backdrop

2. Glitter backdrop for your photos. Get a fabric that matches your party color palette. Sew or glue as many as you want strips of sequins and bright circles along the fabric and use it as a backdrop for your photos.

Spread white glue and sprinkle glitter on the surface

3. Glitter Glasses. Another quick and easy project is to transform glasses or cups for your party in bright ornaments. At the end of the party, guests can take them and reuse them, you can even do this project with plastic cups and glasses which is wonderful.

You will need white glue (or Mod Podge), the glitter of your favorite color and clear spray lacquer. You can put glitter only in the stem of the glass or if you want to go further, paste glitter across the glass.

Spray two layers of clear lacquer which allow to wash and reuse.

Use double-sided tape to avoid a mess

4. Glitter votives/candles. Usually, candles are a big part of Quinceaneras decoration, so why don’t give them a touch of sparkle too. There are two ways to do it, the first one is gluing glitter directly on the candles, of course, you’ll need large candles to make them look flashy. The second way is decorating the glass containers where you are going to put the candles. To make this all you need is double-sided tape and glitter, make the pattern you want with the tape, retire the top from the tape and sprinkle the glitter.

You’ll love the results!

5. Glitter vases for your flowers. If the bright tablecloths are too much for you and you just prefer a few shiny details, vases can be a good choice. Depending on the type of flowers you choose it will be the size of the vase.

To make them a bit different from the cups or candle holders, in this case, we will glue the glitter inside the vase. With a foam brush smear glue inside the vase, once covered sprinkle abundantly glitter.

Remove the excess and let dry, if some  spaces remain blank repeat the process.

Dip feather in paint and sprinkle glitter on it

6. Dipped gold glitter feathers. If your Quinceanera theme is inspired by the years 20′ or a Gatsby style party, these feathers can serve as a great decoration either for centerpieces or hang them from the ceiling, you can even use some as a headpiece.

Paint half of the feather with gold paint, still fresh paint sprinkle gold glitter on them and let dry. Remove the excess. Your feathers will be ready in a blink.

Add bright to your step

7. Glitter shoes. Add some sparkle to your step, this project is perfect to show it the day of your Quinceanera. Mix white glue with the desired amount of glitter, then with a foam brush spread it on the shoe’s sole.

Add more glitter and press with your fingers to secure it to the shoe. Once dried your shoes will be ready to wear.

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