When it comes to plan and organize your Quinceanera the more you can save the better! And believe it or not, there are many ways to save money and one of them is making your own decorations.

If your party is going to take place this fall you can find great ideas for your decorations you can make yourself.

Here we show you some easy, fast and cheap beautiful pumpkin decorations you can do it yourself for your party. Keep in mind that not because it is cheap it means it is ugly or poor quality.

Decoration with Pumpkins

Decorating with pumpkins does not mean you’re going to decorate your venue such as Halloween party (unless it is the theme of your quince) and you can pick pumpkins in different shades and colors for autumn decorations.

Idea # 1

Carving pumpkins of different sizes with beautiful designs such as flowers or leaves. Place candles on the inside and light them once the guests arrive at the venue.

If carving intricate designs it’s hard for you, you can simply punch a few holes that let it pass the candlelight.

Idea # 2

Incorporating pumpkins to decorate your party can be as simple as fixing a group of small pumpkins on your sweets or cake table. Add color with some small flowers.

You can do some of these arrangements and place them on guests tables or put them in strategic places like toilet vanities.

Idea # 3

The pumpkin carving is not the only option to make these objects look spectacular. There are many other materials that you can use to decorate your pumpkins.

From your favorite color paint (pink, turquoise, etc) to glue them precious stones, washi tape, cover with glitter or in lace. Also if you want to keep it simple just make a big bow and wrap it into the stem.

Idea # 4

Instead of making cards for places, buy miniature pumpkins and paint them with gold lacquer or get pumpkins of a light color so you won’t have just orange decorations everywhere.

Tie a tag to the stem with the name of the person and place them at the tables. They are perfect because they won’t move or fall!

Idea # 5

We love miniature pumpkins and all uses that we can give them. Making the centerpieces are another cheap and easy alternative.

Get some beautiful vases preferably clear glass ones and place colored glass beads and miniature pumpkins inside them.

It won’t take long and they will look fantastic.

Another idea for centerpieces is getting bigger pumpkins in a nice light hue, open them from the top, remove all the stuffing and place in some flowers either fresh or artificial.

Idea # 6

Set the stage for your photos. Buy some giant pumpkins and some others of different sizes. Pick a corner of the room or in the outside where you can place them along with a backdrop that you can also do.

Pose with your friends and family all together to get nice pictures of your Quinceanera. Even if pumpkins are too large you can sit on them and make fun poses.

We invite you to try these easy decorations for your Quinceañera. We assure you that you’ll have fun and your party will look beautiful.

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