There are things that can not be changed with the passing of the years and so called traditions. No matter how modern you want your Quinceanera to be, there are things you can not change or ignore.

An example of these traditions is the waltz. Waltz plays a very important role in the celebration of the Quinceañera.

You can have a series of dances surprise if you want but definitely, the waltz occupies the first position in the dances of your party.

The waltz is one of the most emotional moments of the party seeing the Quinceañera dancing with her dad and even in some cases with her grandfather. It is that time when Dad dances for the last time with his little girl that is becoming a woman.

But choosing the right song or music for your waltz is not an easy thing so we decided to help with this list where you can choose the ones you like best.

It is said that the waltz is from Austria and this is why the waltzes by composer Johann Strauss are of the most famous and classic of all. Perhaps you don’t identify them by name but surely you have heard at least one of them.

There are also other classic waltzes composed by other authors.

To make your choice easier, we decided to attach a Spotify link to each of the waltzes so you can listen in the comfort of your home and enjoy them.

1. Blue Danube – Johann Strauss. The quintessential classic waltz was danced in countless important celebrations like weddings and Quinceaneras and has appeared in countless films and plays.

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2. Wiener Blut – Johann Strauss. This waltz gives its name to a three-act operetta which its author, Johann Strauss, didn’t see the opening because of his death.

Like Blue Danube, this waltz is a classic of musical history.


3. Waltz of the Flowers – Tchaikovsky. Best known as the Nutcracker play music, all the major ballet companies include it in their repertoire. I assure you that you’ve heard it on more than one occasion.

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4. Swan Lake – Tchaikovsky. Who has not heard of Swan Lake? This is one of the most famous waltzes in the music history. This waltz is worthy of a fairy tale, it has the exact amount of elegance and drama to make your presentation memorable.


5. Sobre las Olas – Juventino Rosas. Juventino Rosas, a Mexican author composed this waltz in the year 1888 inspired by the sound of running water from a nearby factory.

As you can imagine it is very popular among Mexican Quinceañeras.

Here we leave a collection of classic and Mexican waltzes you can also dance in your Quinceañera.

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These are the five favorite waltzes Quinceañeras through time, have you already chose yours?

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