The tradition of the favors given to your guests at your Quinceanera party it’s indeed a tradition to get right!

It is true that you want to thank your guests for attending this special day for you, but it is also true that you don’t want to spend too much on top of all your expenses.

Also, you don’t want to send your guests home with something useless that will end thrown out there.

So what better to give them a sweet memory of your party!

Make your guests go back home with a sweet taste in the mouth.

Here are 16 ideas for edible quinceanera favors you can prepare while you save some money.

1. Colorful meringues: The meringues are a delicious dessert as for its smooth consistency and sweet taste delight young and old.

They are very easy to prepare and guess what? You only need two ingredients, egg whites, and sugar.

Search this simple recipe on the internet and enjoy doing these indulging meringues.

Put them in transparent plastic boxes and add a thanks card.

2. Lemon Bread: If you are one of those girls who like to bake, then this will be a piece of cake for you.

Bake small lemon sponge bread and glaze them. This won’t take long as you can get many of them baked at the same time.

Once they cool down tuck them in transparent bags and closed with a ribbon.

3. Cookies in a jar: This is another good choice, buy some not expensive glass jars and fill them with the necessary ingredients for baking cookies.

You can customize the jars according to the theme or colors of your party.

4. Lemonade: Buy some nice glass bottles and prepares homemade lemonade.

Pour lemonade bottles and sticks a cute label with your name or a phrase that you like.

5. Cake pops: These cake pops are easy to make and don’t take too much time.

Cake pops are very popular in the Quinceaneras.

They are very versatile, you can have different flavors and you can give cover them with many different ingredients and in many different ways.

6. Macaroons: Especially if you have a Quince party with a theme of Paris, this is the perfect to give your guests.

A box filled with cute macaroons are the delight of everyone.

They look good and taste better!

7. S’mores: This is another idea of favors that can give away.

Of course, it would be a bit complicated that the guests take them freshly made, so you better choose to give a kit so they can prepare the s’mores themselves.

8. Candy buffet: This idea is easy, looks great and take practically no time.

Guests will serve what they want. Place a table with different types of sweets and treats at the exit of the venue.

Put transparent bags with a label that says, “Take Me Home”, guests can fill their bag with whatever they like happen.

No more ideas for edible favors?

Are not you more to give to your guests What do you think about these ones?

9. Cheesecake in a jar

10. Pie pops

11 Fruit jam

12. Donuts

13. Caramel apples

14. Brownies

15. Cookies

16 Gourmet popcorn

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