Sure you like to spend time with your family and friends and what a better idea that playing board games in these chilly afternoons. Here is a list of our top board games of all times.


Considered one of the best games of all history, Monopoly is suitable for the whole family and for all ages. Once you play it, you’ll want play again and again! Monopoly is a game in which intelligence, strategy, skills and luck are needed. There are different versions of the game on the market, even a version with electronic bank and credit cards exists! Perfect for gathering the family on a cold winter afternoon.


This game takes players through the different stages of life, work and family. The trajectory of the players’ life is simulated from choosing their college career until they retire through marriage and children. The game has a long list of rules and the goal is to retire with the most amount of cash.


This is a mystery game where players must find out who killed Mr. Body, where he was killed and what killed him. It’s a fun family game (over 8 years), and won’t last as long as other board games.


A combination of strategy, negotiation, and luck that triggers a war between opponents that may last for hours. The goal is to conquer the world controlling the different countries and defending themselves. If you’re competitive, you’ll love this game!


This board game combines mathematical, reasoning and strategy concepts. The object of the game is to sink the opponent fleet trying to guess its location on the board. It is a simple fun game but no so long for young and old. The first to sink the ships of the opponent wins.

Connect Four

Connect Four is one of the classic board games that have passed from generation to generation. There are different versions of the game but ultimately the goal is the same, make rows of four chips of the same color either vertical, horizontal or diagonal. It is played between two players almost for any age.


If you want to have fun and laugh for a while then you must play Pictionary! To make the game more fun play it in teams of 3 or more people. The objective of the game is to move forward the boxes on the board by guessing what the chosen player draws. The first team to reach the final box and guess a final drawing wins the game.


Uno is the card game par excellence and is one of the most fun games to play with your family or friends. Each player receives seven cards and the objective of the game is that the players get rid of all the cards that were initially handed and the ones they take from the stock throughout the game, but don’t forget to call out the word “one” before getting rid of the last card.


Scrabble is another classic and favorite board game of all times. Although there are different versions today, the original one has a special place in our hearts. To play you’ll need at least two players and you’ll also need a dictionary just in case one of the players invents a word. Players must try to get the highest score forming words on the board. You’d arrange an afternoon of entertainment and learning!


Jenga is a game of mental skills and ability. It is great to enjoy with your family or friends. Once the tower is all set up, players take turns to go removing each one of the pieces, but beware! If the tower fall, you’ll lose the game. Jenga is a quick and really fun game.

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